Saturday, October 20, 2007

How to Eat Pizza While Dieting

or otherwise called "The Pizza Trick".

This is a trick that I came up with while trying I was losing weight. It's hard to never have pizza when you have 3 children at home!

Order whatever pizza you like...ok, maybe not. I mean regular pizza, not stuffed pizzas or piles of meat, etc. I mean like pepperoni, or supreme, or barbecue chicken, or my favorite...veggie supreme (and I'm a carnivore!). You get the idea.

Now here's the trick. Eat one whole piece of pizza, crust and all. Now you can eat 3 or 4 more pieces if you're really that hungry, but ONLY, that's right...ONLY! the toppings. You won't miss the crust I promise.

I'm also assuming you're having something else besided just pizza such as a salad or some other kind of colorful vegetables. It should be a well-balanced meal even if pizza is the main course.



RichardMcLaughlin said...

This is a great article, I would like to see all of your articles published on ezinearticles.

The WLS Coaches ~ "The New You" Radio Show said...

This is a great tip and one I give to my clients all the time! I guess "Great Minds" think alike :)

Jeff Cadwell

Professionally Certified Life Coach, Radio Show Host, Motivational Speaker, Group Facilitator & Author